Let Them Drink Coffee

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine linked coffee consumption with longer lifespan, confirming what we coffee-lovers had always known to be true: those beans are magic.

The study followed more than 185,000 adults for up to 20 years and found that coffee drinkers were less likely die than their non-caffeinated counterparts, and these findings held true for several ethnic subgroups (white, Latino, Japanese American, and African American).  Those who drank one cup per day were 12% less likely to have died during the study period, while those who drank more were actually 18% less likely- indicating that the coffee may have strong protective health effects.

A similar study also published this month examined this possible connection in over 520,000 Europeans. The researchers also found that participants who drank the most coffee were 7-12% less likely to die during the study, as well as decreased risk of death specifically from circulatory diseases and stroke among the women in the study (though there was also a connection between coffee consumption and ovarian cancer mortality).

The overall verdict: Whether it’s the caffeine, the polyphenols, or the sheer joy that comes from sipping your favorite brew, it appears that enjoying your daily coffee may help add a few more years to your life.