Nutrition is a critical factor for blood sugar management in patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Whether you are newly diagnosed and just learning basic concepts or are looking for more advanced carbohydrate counting practice, and The Peoples Plate will help you better understand relationship between your intake and blood sugar response.

  • Type I Diabetes
    • Improve your carbohydrate counting skills to better match your insulin dosage to your intake
    • Better interpret your blood sugar logs to understand your own patterns
    • Learn to prevent low blood sugars during exercise or early morning
    • For adults, children, or parents of children with Type I Diabetes
    • Families are welcome to arrange group sessions for a supportive environment where all members feel engaged in nutrition therapy
  • Type II Diabetes
    • Understand the true impact of diet on blood sugar
    • Explore how different foods and combinations of food may impact your numbers
    • Experience the impact that other behavioral changes can have on your blood sugar control
    • For adults, children, or teenagers with Type II Diabetes as well as families looking to participate in educational sessions together
  • Pre-diabetes
    • If your fasting blood sugar is 100 to 126 and your Hemoglobin A1c is between 5.7% and 6.4%, your labs fall within the range of Pre-diabetes.
    • Seize this opportunity to take control of your blood sugar and stop diabetes in its tracks before your numbers increase
    • Learn about the basics of healthy eating as well as more in-depth carbohydrate counting
  • Gestational Diabetes
    • Elevated blood sugar during pregnancy is related to hormonal alterations, but your carbohydrate intake can still make a major difference in your overall blood sugar control
    • Learn to understand the carbohydrates in your diet and control you blood sugars throughout your pregnancy – while still consuming enough of the important nutrients that you baby needs to grow
    • Understand your blood glucose goals if your doctor has instructed you to self-monitor

Are you ready to be in charge of your blood sugars?

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