Nutrition Counseling and Education Services

Nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can equip you to conquer your eating habits and address your nutrition-related health issues proactively.


Owner and Counselor Kelsey Peoples, MS, RDN

The Peoples Plate offers one-on-one nutrition counseling to help clients in a highly personalized way, with \each session tailored to your needs and personal aspirations. You will leave with a sustainable action plan that works for your life to help you achieve and maintain the outcomes you deserve!

What to expect:

  • Counseling begins with an Initial Session (about 50 minutes long) that is 100% personalized based on your own medical background, nutrition-related goals (such as blood sugar regulation, weight loss, etc), lifestyle, budget, and more. You’ll leave with clear and achievable goals to help you start off your lifestyle changes.
  • Each Follow Up Session lasts about 30-minutes and is a great opportunity to receive continued support while you deepen your nutrition knowledge and conquer new issues. These sessions are critical for accountability and long-term success, and they can occur
  • Before even booking any sessions, you can take advantage of a free phone call about what counseling may entail for you!

Based in New Jersey, Kelsey is available for both in person sessions (Ramsey, NJ) and virtual counseling through video conferencing. All clients also gain access to the Better app, allowing them to track their intake and keep photo journals of their meals as well as contact Kelsey directly in between sessions.

Sessions can be booked through The Peoples Plate online portal or by contacting Kelsey directly.


Nutrition is a critical factor for blood sugar management in patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Whether you are newly diagnosed and just learning basic concepts or are looking for more advanced carbohydrate counting practice, and The Peoples Plate will help you better understand relationship between your intake and blood sugar response.

Heart Disease

The American Heart Association advocates strongly for the benefits of nutrition therapy for cardiovascular diseases. 

Weight Management

Nutrition counseling can help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Patients who have or are planning to undergoing bariatric surgery also require ongoing nutrition support.

Additional Health Conditions

Nutrition therapy is effective for a massive range of health-related conditions, including kidney disease, cancer, food allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and more.

Kids / Adolescents

If you eat, you need nutrition!  Kids are never too young to start learning about healthy diets; in fact, children are perhaps the most important group to address because food preferences and life-long habits are formed in childhood.

Educational Presentations

Nutrition education is for everyone! The Peoples Plate presentations strive to be informative yet enjoyable to capture the attention of any group, including corporate offices, classrooms, and community organizations.

General Wellness

Prioritizing your nutrition is a key component of wellness and longevity! Learn how to understand how to nourish your body and feel the physical benefits of improved nutrition.